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  • We want to make sure that the LC is a safe and inclusive space for all members, so here are our Lassonde Community Norms of Engagement:

    The community is here for you. We have amazing current Lassonde students (aka LC Moderators) to help you in the LC. We encourage you to connect with them and to ask questions.

    Be keen, be curious. We will have many workshops and info sessions in the coming months and we hope you attend them. These sessions are run by current students, for future students.

    Mind the Content
    As you engage in the LC, be mindful of what you post. Your messages should not contain any content (incl. language, images, links, etc.) that is considered explicit, aggressive or disrespectful.

    We are committed to creating an inclusive space. The LC does not tolerate any form of discrimination (including, but not limited to gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or national origin).

    Respect privacy. Do not ask other students or moderators for any personal information, such as age, religion, exact address (sharing city and country is okay), or any student information, such as transcripts (asking about admission requirements and university experiences is okay).

    Let's keep it welcoming, safe and friendly.

    Michelle & Maaz
    Lassonde Community '21 Student Leads