This is Lassonde’s Entrepreneurship program

This is BEST.
Don’t just get a job – Create it

BEST offers the environment, culture, and resources, to help you appreciate how you can play a role in using technology to solve important societal problems, becoming a renaissance entrepreneurial engineer, driven by passion, creativity and perspective.

BEST offers you diverse resources to support applying engineering, science, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship to solve real-world problems. BEST also offers a Certificate to recognize your academic and experiential achievements during your time here at Lassonde.

We Invest in You

Various financial resources available for your entrepreneurial and venture creation activities in the BEST Lab:

  • When you arrive at Lassonde – $1000 BEST Entrance Award*
  • During your time at Lassonde – $2000-$4000 BEST Award
  • When you start your own ventures – Up to $8500 BEST Fellowship to support early stage technology ventures*
  • As you develop your business – Up to $40,000 in BEST grants, funded by York Alumni, to help reduce technology risk, and attract first customers and early investor*

*Based on application and eligibility

Get BEST Certified

Create your unique portfolio and earn the BEST Certificate that integrates technology courses at Lassonde, business courses at the Schulich School of Business, and law courses at Osgoode Hall Law School

Customized Learning Experience

All of our experience programs are paid so you can earn while you learn.