Level Up.

The computer.

It’s evolved from a room-sized machine that performs simple calculations to a tool that we rely on every single day.

Even though we can now fit these devices in the palm of our hands, computer science continues to explore how hardware and software can be applied in new, exciting ways.

Imagine building devices that mimic human vision or using electronic tools to help design pharmaceutical drugs.

This field is forever pushing the limits to discover what we can do (and achieve) with computers.

What You’ll Learn

We offer BA and BSc degrees – both providing you with the same computer science and math expertise.

In the BA program, you’ll complement your studies with courses from the Liberal Arts (e.g., humanities, social sciences). In the BSc program, the complementary courses will be in the sciences (e.g., biology, chemistry, physics). A degree Minor or Double major will allow you to just sample or deeply explore another discipline.

You may also choose one of our three International Honours degrees – iBA, iBSc or the Dual Specialized degree.

In the iBA or iBSc degree, you will add a study abroad component to your learning, with culture and language courses of your exchange destination. The International Dual degree leads to two degrees, one from York and one from the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University in Germany while completion of your undergraduate thesis at the University of Crete in Greece!

Lassonde has teamed up with a variety of companies to help you gain valuable professional experience in our flexible co-op and internship programs.  There is also an Industry Partnership/Dev Degree option, in which some of your academic courses involve learning on the job as you work at Shopify throughout the 4-year program.

Courses You’ll Take

Here’s just a handful of the upper year courses you’ll have to choose from:

User Interfaces

Communications Networks

Data Mining

Database Systems

Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming

Go Global

We also offer international options of both the BA and BSc degrees. This will give you the chance to study computer science while expanding your horizons abroad.

Our iBA and iBSc degrees feature:

Modern language programs, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Urdu and Yiddish

Internationally oriented courses that focus on the language/region you choose to study

An opportunity to study abroad for a full-term at one of our exchange partners around the world

Places You’ll Go

Here are some of the possible career paths you could take after studying with us:

 Human/Computer Interface Design


Cloud-Computing Specialist

Virtual Reality Specialist

Get The Grades

As an Ontario Secondary School Student, here are the courses you need to apply.

BA / iBA:
Advanced Functions
One other Math course (We recommend Calculus & Vectors)

BSc / iBSc:
Advanced Functions
Chemistry or Physics
One other Math course (We recommend Calculus & Vectors)

For your math courses, you will need to have a minimum grade of 75% and no grade below 65%.

We’re sitting at the intersection of Dreams and Reality.