Scholarships & Awards

Focus on Your Education, Not Your Bills

As a Lassonde student, we will guide you through scholarship and award applications to get the most money on offer to help you pay for university.

Access to Thousands of Awards & Scholarships

With over 2,000 scholarships and awards available to our students, paying for school will be a lot easier.


Scholarships available exclusively to Lassonde students:

The Lassonde Scholarships


$20,000 x 4 Years

5 Recipients Per Year


$10,000 x 4 Years

10 Recipients Per Year

Entrance Scholarships

We also have some guaranteed entrance scholarships that are automatically awarded (no additional application needed) depending on your admission average. See how much you’re entitled to.


$3,500 x 4 Years

If your entrance average is 95%+

BONUS – $2,000 for your 1st year


If your entrance average is 90%-94.9%


If your entrance average is 85%-89.9%



If your entrance average is 80%-84.9%


Bergeron Scholarships

Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (BEST) offers Lassonde students the opportunity to experience and learn about entrepreneurial engineering. BEST offers a number of programs and activities designed to help engineers learn about how they might combine their technological interests with their entrepreneurial aspirations.

For new students like you, the BEST Entrance Scholarship, which is designed to reward incoming Lassondians with entrepreneurial experience to join a cohort of like-minded engineers. The application is simple, with accepted students receiving $2500 in support for their entrepreneurial activities at Lassonde, as well as access to BEST mentors, and membership in the BEST hub.