Answers to some common questions about the Lassonde Waitlist

We are sure you’re eager to receive an offer from us, and we appreciate your interest.

To help you better understand what it means to be on a waitlist, we’ve put together a list of some common questions and their answers.

Remember, you can always reach out to us:
Call: 647-465-8519


How does the Lassonde waitlist work?

We review your application to make sure that you are taking the necessary prerequisite courses and are doing well in those courses. After all, these are important in helping you develop a strong foundation coming into university.

While you are taking the prerequisite courses, you are a few points away from meeting our admission requirements which is why we have placed you on the waitlist.

Being on the Lassonde waitlist mean that you are a step closer to receiving an offer from us.

We’ll track your progress and keep you posted on any new steps you may need to take.

Where am I on the waitlist?

Our waitlist is dynamic – it changes as we receive new information like your marks, your Boost Co-application, or when other students accept our offer of admission. For those reasons your spot on the waitlist is not ranked.

If you have not heard back yet, keep in mind the waitlist takes time. We will send you an update as soon as we receive all your information and make a decision about your application.

Remember to regularly check your email and the MyFile portal.

How long will I be on the waitlist?

Every year differs from the next, making it difficult to predict. We will regularly review your application to make sure that we don’t miss any updates.

What are the chances that I will be accepted?

Your chances of receiving an offer from us depend on any updates to your application as well as the spaces available in our programs. You have a few ways to help improve your standing:

  • Continue the hard work to raise your marks
  • Upgrade your courses that have an average below the cutoff – remember to let us know if you choose to do this as soon as you can
  • Complete the Boost Co-application, a tool that gives you the chance to tell us who you really are and demonstrate to us that you belong here
  • Understand what your next steps are – located down below

How will I find out if I am no longer on the waitlist?

We regularly review applications. There can be two possible outcomes if you are currently on the waitlist:

  • You can receive an offer – This will happen if your profile improves
  • You can be removed from the waitlist without an offer

If there is an update to your application, it will be available on MyFile >> Application Status >> Decision

If I accept another offer, will I still stay on the waitlist?

Absolutely. You may choose to accept another offer while you are on our waitlist–we understand that you have to consider all your option. We will still review your application.

If you receive an offer from us, you can accept the offer by going to MyFile or the OUAC website.

If I’m admitted, will I get the Engineering program of my choice? (Only for students on the Engineering waitlist)

This depends on when you are admitted.

As part of the Boost Co-Application, you can indicate your top 3 choices of Engineering programs. This will stay in our records.

You are guaranteed your top choice if you accept our offer and enrol into courses by June 17th.

It is possible that you might not receive an offer from us in time to make it to that deadline, in which case you’ll declare your area of focus during your first year. We have a common engineering foundation year so you won’t lose any time.

What are my next steps?

First, keep up the hard work.

Next, let us know if you are taking any courses in night school, summer school or private school.

Finally, if you have any questions, just ask.

All the best!