Le Diable Bleu

This research aims to simulate microplastics transport and final fate in the aquatic environment, and the photo depicts turbulent eddy circulations generated downstream of a backwater-facing step. The turbulent circulation zones appear after a sudden bed elevation change such as estuaries, where fluvial flow releases plastic- and sediment-laden flow into a water body.

Turbulent structures are responsible for the transport of sediment and nutrients vital to aquatic ecosystems.

However, they also carry and spread pollution and plastic debris in aquatic environments, endangering the aquatic ecosystem.

The present research aims to develop a numerical model using the pre-existing open-source OpenFOAM package to predict microplastics evolution in the aquatic environment. In the current submission the figure is cropped, and only the downstream side of the step and the recirculation zone is demonstrated.

Arefeh Shamskhany

Arefeh Shamskhany

2nd Year PhD Student, Civil Engineering

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