Engineering Program Guarantee

Lock in Your Passion

As you probably know, our Engineering programs have a common foundation first-year where you will build the core skills of an engineer while sampling the variety of disciplines we offer.  However, you can secure your spot in your preferred Engineering program before you have to accept your offer of admission.  

Spots in each program will be awarded based on your academic profile and your Boost co-application. That way you’ll know if you have a space reserved for you in your program of choice for your 2nd year.  

If you change your mind about your program during your first year, or if you aren’t sure now which Engineering program you are most interested in – that’s perfectly ok and common – we guarantee that there will be spaces in each program to choose after 1st year.  You can apply to change programs for your 2nd year. These spaces are allocated based on your performance in your first year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what you’ll need to do to lock in your engineering program:

Submit Your Application

Date to apply to Engineering to be eligible for early consideration for an Engineering Program Guarantee

Admission offers

As we get your grades, we’ll be sending out admission offers to Engineering

Complete your Boost Co-app (optional)

Date to complete Boost for early Engineering Program Guarantee consideration

The Engineering Program Choices and optional Digital Interview components of Boost need to be submitted by 11:59pm EDT on March 29

Engineering Program Guarantee Offers

Your Engineering Achievement Score which combines your academic profile with your Boost score, will be used to determine program guarantee offers

Accept Your Offer to Engineering

Deadline to accept your offer of admission to Engineering

Lock-In your Engineering Program

Deadline to lock-in your Engineering program choice in your Boost co-app

Book your Bootcamp

Deadline to schedule a Bootcamp session (aka your new student enrolment appointment) in MyFile

Note – you can schedule your Bootcamp session as soon as you receive an offer of admission

Attend  Bootcamp

Deadline to attend Bootcamp

Exact date in July TBA

Note – Bootcamp sessions begin in May

Your Lassonde Adventure Begins!