Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering, Accredited by CEAB

Fall and Winter Entry Available

About the Program

Computer engineering forms the basis of the modern world. Self-driving cars, robotics, mobile devices, e-commerce, wireless communications, the Internet of Things and other advances are all built by Computer Engineers.

We start by teaching the core concepts in computer hardware and software that you will use to design and implement solutions to the ever-increasing range of engineering challenges.

As a Computer Engineering student, you will gain deep knowledge about hardware and software design, as well be uniquely qualified to work on computer systems. You will take courses in computation, system design and other specialized areas, including robotics and virtual reality. This theoretical knowledge is balanced with hands-on experience. Lassonde Computer Engineering students have access to our state-of-the-art facilities – Digital Systems Lab and Robotics Lab.

Skills You’ll Gain

  • A strong programming foundation including Object Oriented Programming/Object Oriented Design, assembly language, multi-threading, design patterns and unit testing
  • Advanced knowledge of C and Java – used for projects involving robotics, networking, device drivers, 3D graphics and mobile app development
  • Rapid prototyping of electronic and mechatronic systems
  • Embedded systems and digital logic design including sensor interfacing & actuation of electromechanical devices
  • Digital signal processing using MATLAB modelling software
  • Verilog circuit-modelling language for FPGA circuit programming
  • Design-to-application of digital communication interfaces and networks
  • Unix system programming, shell scripting, shared memory, and other O/S specifics

Sample Co-op Employers

  • IBM
  • Uber
  • CIBC
  • Telus
  • TD
  • Rogers
  • Evertz Micro Systems
'19 Computer Engineering

Passionate About:

  • Science, experimenting and building new things, playing basketball

My Lassonde Journey:

  • Working with peers, mentors, professional engineers to build solutions for people 
  • Co-op at Uber in Denver and in Palo Alto 
  • Co-Chair, IEEE YorkU chapter

Life Beyond Lassonde:

  • Software Development Engineer, Amazon Canada
  • Learning how to leverage information from all my courses and co-op experiences in the real world 
  • Work on problems that affect people, and build solutions that work on a global scale

Enhance your Lassonde experience


Work a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of 20 months while on co-op. You can earn up to 1 year of qualified experience towards your PEng.

Dual Degree

Add a BA in International Development Studies. Available for all of our Engineering programs

BEST Certificate

Through entrepreneurial, academic and experiential achievements during your time at Lassonde, you can earn the BEST Certificate.

Explore Your Passion

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Additional Information

You can apply to the Lassonde School of Engineering through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) website or you may use York University’s online application.

Use the OUAC application if you are:

  • Current Ontario high school student, or
  • Currently reside in Canada and not currently in an Ontario high school day program, or
  • Canadian citizen/permanent resident residing elsewhere and not attending an Ontario high school, or
  • International applicant (not a Canadian citizen/PR, not residing in Canada and not in Ontario high school)

Use York University’s online application if you are:

  • Previous York student, or
  • Mature or university/college transfer applicant and you’re only applying to York.

Applying to one of our Engineering programs?

Since we offer a common first-year, our engineering programs are merged into a single selection on the OUAC application form Engineering (BEng) – including Co-op.

When we receive your application, you’ll be sent details on how to let us know what your preferred programs are.

You want to explore your passion – we want to help you get there.

And while having good grades usually means you have the academic chops to do well in your classes, it’s your passion for science, technology & engineering that will help you succeed.

That’s why we created Boost, an optional co-application to our School.

Through a digital interview, you’ll get the chance to tell us who you really are and demonstrate to us that you possess the traits of a future Renaissance Engineer – creativity, passion, ingenuity, rational thinking and confidence.

Plus, if you’re an engineering applicant you’ll also have the chance to provide up to three engineering program choices.

Find out more about Boost

Applications Open (OUAC and York Direct) – September, 2019

Boost Co-Application Opens –  Mid December, 2019

Application Deadline – January 15, 2020

Boost Co-App Deadline (Engineering 2nd Year Program Guarantee) – April (exact date TBA)

Ontario Applicants

For all Engineering programs (Including IDS Dual Degree)

  • English
  • Advanced Functions
  • Calculus & Vectors
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

With no prerequisite grade below 70%
Recommended average:
 Low to Mid 80s

For Computer Science or Computer Security

  • English
  • Advanced Functions
  • One other 12U Math course (Calculus & Vectors strongly recommended)
  • For BSc and iBSc programs: All of the above plus Physics or Chemistry

With minimum average of 75% on Math courses, with no Math grade below 65%  
Recommended average: Low to Mid 80s

For Digital Media

  • English
  • One 12U Math course (with minimum grade of 75%)
  • One 12U Arts course or equivalent training recommended
Recommended average: High 70s 

For Earth & Atmospheric Science

  • English
  • Advanced Functions
  • Calculus & Vectors
  • Physics

Chemistry 12 strongly recommended for Atmospheric Science & Space Science streams
Recommended average: High 70s 

Outside Ontario, International & Transfer Applicants

Applying from outside of Ontario? Have a look at our program-specific requirements available here.

It is important that you verify requirements based on where you are coming from, but generally our programs require:

  • Proof of English language proficiency (for non-native English speakers, i.e. IELTS, TOEFL)
  • Upper level Maths
  • Upper level Sciences (Physics and/or Chemistry)
  • Official Transcripts (High School and/or College/University)