I was walking on the Rideau Canal with a beaver tail in one hand and a hot chocolate in the other. I was surrounded by friends old and new, while the snow was slowly falling, sticking to my eyelashes. Lifetime memories were made at the First Year Integration Conference (FYIC) in Ottawa.

Our adventure started when we took the Greyhound bus to Ottawa. On the bus ride all of  When we finally got to the bus station (6 hours later) and we were the last group of students to get an uber to the hotel! When we finally got to the hotel we changed into as much Lassonde gear as we owned and walked to a buffet with the other delegates. All the other universities were in coveralls, which is an engineering tradition. Coveralls are covered in different patches from different events, conferences, socials and are an amazing way to document your engineering journey and share your story with others. Later that night, with all our new friends and we adventured to the Rideau Canal. It was an amazing start to an amazing weekend.

Saturday was jam-packed with different presentations from different engineering related communities. Some examples are OSPE (Ontario Society of Professional Engineers) – the board which determines the licensing of Professional Engineers. We also had presentations about effective communication skills, which are crucial in Engineering Society. We split up into groups for group work and then had a guest lecturer who shared her personal experience in the work force and as a professor. Lastly, we had a formal good-bye dinner gala where we celebrated Engineering Society and all it’s accomplishments from the past year. Overall, Day 2 was a momentous day to learn about EngSoc and it really changed my overall view of Engineering Society and how I can make a change in my own Lassonde Community.

Sunday was a sad day. We were all so devastated that we had to leave all our new friends, but knew we would all be reunited soon at Engineering Society conferences in the future. We finished the day off with a few more presentations and said our goodbyes.

FYIC was the best experience I have had so far in university and I am so excited to be apart of the Lassonde Engineering Society and am currently VP Internal for the 2017-2018.

Emily Secnik

Civil Engineering and International Development Student