Awesome to the Core.

It’s big. It’s round. It’s home.

Earth & Atmospheric Science is an intimate study of our planet, inside and out.

It’s no secret that climate change is affecting more and more people. This field serves to better understand how the Earth is evolving and how we can stay safe.

Imagine working to forecast the weather more accurately to prepare for flooding, or studying tectonics to better predict tsunamis.

It’s all possible at Lassonde.

What You’ll Learn

Whether you prefer gazing down or up, you’ll be able to specialize in the field that interests you most.

Specialize in one of these streams: Atmospheric Science, Geomatics Science or Space Science.

Atmospheric Science explores meteorology from the turbulent micro-scale to the large synoptic-scale weather systems.

Geomatics Science delivers the knowledge and skills to work with terrestrial, aerial and space-observing platforms.

Space Science explores the near-Earth space environment, as well as other planets.

Courses You’ll Take

These are just a handful of the upper year courses you’ll have to choose from:

Climate and Climate Change

 Cloud Physics and Radar Meteorology

Geophysics and Space Science

Global Positioning Systems

Atmospheric Radiation and Thermodynamics

A little inspiration.

Places You’ll Go

Here are some of the possible career paths you could take after studying with us:



Earth/Atmospheric Scientist

GIS analyst

Get The Grades

As an Ontario Secondary School student, here are the courses you need to apply:



Advanced Functions

Calculus & Vectors

Chemistry recommended for Atmospheric and Space streams 

Bad weather doesn’t discourage us.
It fascinates us.