Viruses Beware.

By 2016, Canadians will be spending $34-billion a year online.
Someone has to keep them safe.

From commerce to finance, any business that relies on technology also relies on computer security

With more people than ever working and playing online, this field is as important as ever.

This is where you come in.

Imagine making it easier for us to pay for things at e-retailers, or letting us connect with faraway friends without our personal information falling into the wrong hands.

Computer security isn’t just about putting up walls to protect people. It’s about making our lives online better.

What You’ll Learn

In our Computer Security program you will build a solid background in computer science and math.

You will study a variety of courses, including cryptography and operating systems. Computer security is the specialized part of computer science that studies threats to computer systems and networks. It is the science and practise of how to mitigate them. You will become an expert on all those topics.

We offer both BA and BSc degrees, which share the same computer science and math requirements. In the BA program, you will complement your studies with courses from the Liberal Arts (e.g., humanities, social sciences). In BSc, the complimentary courses will be in the sciences (e.g., biology, chemistry, physics).

During your studies, you can put your knowledge to the test by taking part in our paid co-op or internship programs.  We have teamed up with a variety of major companies to ensure you get valuable professional experience.

Courses You’ll Take

These are just a handful of the upper year courses you’ll have to choose from:

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Applied Cryptology

Software Tools

Computer Security Management and Forensics

A little inspiration.

Places You’ll Go

These are some of the possible career paths you could take after studying with us:

 Forensics Engineer

Security Risk Analyst

Information Security Law

Data Mining

Get The Grades

As an Ontario Secondary School Student, here are the courses you need to apply.

Advanced Functions
One other Math course (We recommend Calculus & Vectors)

Advanced Functions
Chemistry or Physics
One other Math course (We recommend Calculus & Vectors)

For your math courses, you will need to have a minimum grade of 75% and no grade below 65%.

We’re training the Night’s Watch of the tech world.