Bridging the World.

Have you ever tried getting somewhere without a road?
Crossing a river without a bridge?
Going indoors without a building?

It’s strange to think about, but today’s world wouldn’t exist without civil engineering.

From the highways we drive on to the dams that protect our cities, these engineers are responsible for building the world as we know it.

If you’ve ever dreamt of designing bridges to bring communities closer together or making people safer by designing earthquake-proof buildingsā€¦

Join us and become a civil engineer.

What You’ll Learn

Civil Engineering students at Lassonde learn about structural and foundation design, transportation systems planning and design, water resources management, wastewater treatment, and environmental impact assessment.

In addition, our graduates receive training in new emerging areas, such as innovative materials and construction technologies, infrastructure rehabilitation, computer-aided simulations, sustainability, natural hazards, and climate-change-driven engineering.

Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of technical electives in Civil Engineering:

  • Structural
  • Geotechnical
  • Hydrotechnical
  • Transportation
  • Environmental

Professional experience through co-op option after second year can give you an early start towards becoming a licensed Professional Engineer.

Courses You’ll Take

Here’s just a handful of the upper year courses you’ll have to choose from:

Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainability

Transportation Engineering

Fluid Mechanics

Hydraulics and Hydrology

Structural Design


A little inspiration.

Places You’ll Go

These are some of the possible career paths you could take after studying with us:

Civil Engineer

Environmental Regulators

Structural and Geotechnical Engineer

Transportation Planner

Get The Grades

As an Ontario Secondary School student, here are the courses you need to apply:




Advanced Functions

Calculus & Vectors

Remember, a minimum grade of 70% is required in each of these prerequisite courses.

The world needs roads.
The world needs bridges.
The world needs civil engineers.